Submissions are open from October 15th through to November 26th 2021 for BOYS & GIRLS 14 YEARS and UNDER (as of the 3rd of December) from anywhere in the world. We will accept videos that were shot anytime in 2021. They can be a single wave, a single manoeuvre or edited clips with sound or not. Clips to be a maximum of one minute in length. 


Submit your clip now to be in the running to win epic weekly prizes for the 'Most Entertaining Clip' and 'Kids Who Bring The STOKE'! 


Plus overall divisional winners for the 14s, 12s, 10s, & 8s and then:


People's Choice                                         

Experts Choice   

Worst Wipe Out                                         

- Best Tube 

- Best Air

- Best Wave

Most Potential

- BL’s MVP            

And in 2021 we announce two new awards in the editing and post production area –

- Best GoPro Quik app edit

- Overall “Best Edit”

So grab mum, dad or a friend and get filming kids! BL and the Blast Off team can't wait to see your clips and watch you having a blast…

Simply click on 'Submit Video', select your category, upload your video, photo, and description on why you should win. The coaches will then review your entry within 12 hours. Once they've approved your video the entry will be live on the


The creation of BL Blast Off in 2006 has cultivated a nurturing and encouraging environment for Grommets (surfers 14 and under) and their families.

2021 will see the second video challenge event bringing together the worldwide Blast Off community, the BL Blast Off Video Challenge is inviting young surfers wherever they may be to join the fold and create positive change.

BL Blast Off began in Sydney, Australia and has grown exponentially, built with a motto of “Coaching kids, not judging them”, BL Blast Off is accessible to all and doesn’t discriminate by gender or ability.







What are the Dates?

Video submissions open October 15th 2021 and entries will close 26th November 2021

Finals week will run through to the 3rd December

Voting closes 1st December 2021

Winners announced during finals week.

Eligibility – you must be 14 or under as of the 3rd December 2021


How many videos can I upload?

Kids can upload as many videos as they want.


What are the rules around the videos?

Videos can be be a maximum of 1 minute in length and any duration under that.


Any style of video can be uploaded. It could be edited or raw, have sound added or the live sound from the camera, it can be single wave and entered in the best wave category, a single move like a tube, Air or Wipeout.

Or it could just show a heap of STOKE and whatever puts smiles on faces and puts a smile on ours could win.


Who can enter?

Blast Off events are open to boys and girls 14 years and under as of the last day of the event window and from anywhere in the world.

Blast Off is not about being the best but about being your best, and helping you to do it and in that way is open to all levels of surfers and the prize is being a part of a positive grom community focussed on surfing and living stoked.


How much does the video challenge cost?

 $10.00 per upload in either AUD, USD, EURO and with unlimited uploads


What are the categories awarded?


There will be Weekly winners for most entertaining Clip of the Week.

Category winners, Best Wave, Best Wipe Out, Best Tube, Best Air.

Kid who brings the STOKE awards

Most Improved Boy and Girl

Peoples Vote Winner

The Experts Choice


And in 2021 we introduce two new categories in the post production area the Best Edit using the GOPro Quik app and the overall “Best Edit”


Final judging is done by a panel consisting of BL and 4 of the best young pro surfers in the world.


Where do I go to enter?

Entering and submitting videos is via 


What hashtag do I use on social media?

Hashtag #blblastoff


What Platform is it hosted on?


When are videos uploaded?

We will upload videos at our earliest convenience each day after the approval process has been completed.


Who are the sponsors


Perfect Wave

Surf Lakes


Lost Surfboards

Channel Islands 

Shark Banz




Mink Systems

Amazon Power



UFO wax


If I win how do I get my prizes?

All Prizes will be delivered by the sponsor to the winners address, and all winners will be notified by email.


Will I need to show proof of age?

Yes all prize winners will be required to provide proof of age via a screen shot emailed to  


What is stoke?

Stoke is that feeling of joy and inspiration you receive from challenging yourself, progressing and growing.

It is the natural high you get from surfing and when we say we want to see your stoke we mean we want to feel your happiness that you get to go to the beach and ride the oceans energy.

Stoke is when you put a smile on other people’s faces.