Eight of the world’s best knights do battle over two days in the fiercest jousting competition to ever have taken place – the 2019 World Jousting Championship!

The undisputed champion of the world was crowned and the Sword of Valour bestowed upon him. Never before has there been a prize so great and the risk the knights were prepared to take to win it was immense. This is not a charade or gimmick – the danger is real as the knights attempt to shatter their solid wooden lances on the other’s shield, with bone-shattering hits and    along the way.

Prepare to be transported back in time to experience the World Jousting Championship – the ultimate event in the original extreme sport! 

Points shall be awarded in the joust as follows:
+1 point is awarded for breaking a lance less than 30cm from the tip between the waist and top of the helm. (An attaint)
+2 Points will be awarded for breaking a lance more than 30cm from the tip within the target zone, between the waist and top of the helm. (A break)
+3 Points will be awarded for unhorsing your opponent, or breaking his lance coronel to coronel.

Points may be deducted for:
-1 Point and a warning for striking with a lance on the pommel of the saddle, or on the rider below his waist. If this occur’s on more then one occasion a rider will be retired from the field.
-2 Points for hitting the Tilt with your lance.

General Rules and Requirements

All combatants must conduct themselves with chivalry, honor and consideration for their opponent, and not take undue advantage of them. Intentionally unduly injuring an opponent to gain an advantage is not acceptable. Any such incident will be up to the marshal’s discretion for disciplinary action and could result in disqualification from the tournament.

All decisions made by the marshals are above contestation.

All knights, are required to be accompanied by at least 2 attendants dressed in historically accurate livery and with a matching banner for parades. These men will be required to assist in the putting on of armour, aiding in the lists and general duties of aiding their knight during the tournament.