Like Harvey Like Son- Cine Athens

30 October 2020 America

Presented By Cine Athens

On May 30th 2018, Ultra-runner and Cincinnati-based high school teacher Harvey Lewis III set out to attempt the Fastest Known Time on the Appalachian Trail. The moment Harvey’s father (Jr.) offered to be his son’s crew chief, he KNEW this challenge would mean more to him than just putting in the miles.

Separated from his father by divorce early in Harvey’s youth, the trail might certainly have lived up to its numerous metaphors, including the most used, “finding one’s self”, but together, he and his 78-year-old father-turned-crew-chief navigate the challenges of remote wilderness and unpredictable weather on their 2,190 mile journey to the top of Mount Katahdin. Along the way they encounter a cast of colorful characters, numerous geographic obstacles, excruciating physical pain, all the while discovering that the trail is about much more than just escape. This time, they might truly find their way back together.

  • “I feel like this summer, this Appalachian Trail experience, definitely gave me an opportunity to have some greater stretch of time with my father that I didn’t have at a younger age.”
  • “This will probably be the greatest experience we have had together.”

  • “...and I think we both grew; grew in our different ways. And we grew together. I think that’s the story.”

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